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Punch Royal Coronation CLARO (PQDRW)

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Found this cigar in the abounded Widow & Orphan Cabinett. 
5 little you will have a jolly good time cigars. 
They seems to be very old and this one is my last one.
Wrapper - ugly and veiny.
Cold draw - like a Christmas pudding with a lot of orange inside and hints of peppermint. Leather and yes tobacco. 
Ash is a bit flaky.
So far a medium smoke with dark and bitter taste.
A lot of smoke, very relaxing.
The bitterness turns into a nice spearmint taste.
Still on the lower medium side. Very enjoyable. 
Last year around Eastern I was smoking them with two friends. Was a lovely afternoon.
The last third has its twist. From a smooth medium smoke it turns into a full body smoke. After all these year still wild at heart.
Smoking time: 120 minutes 💨💨💨
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the silver tubes with the purple ink......make the modern green ones look super tacky. 

cheers for the review, really enjoy those minty hits in old smokes. Bravo

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Two hours! Good going. Love the way these little things age forever in tubes.

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On 8. April 2019 at 7:31 AM, Derboesekoenig said:

What does claro box code mean?

Thats my bad. CLARO means the wrapper color. From the size of the stamp is the box from the 60-ies. 

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