Cigar inspired Colognes, have you ever worn one?

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16 minutes ago, tk4312 said:

Used to like this one when I was much younger. Wouldn't mind buying one again. 




I'm pretty sure this is produced by the same factory that makes 'Sex Panther'



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Fragrance is one of my other vices... I own over 100 bottles of cologne. Mostly niche fragrances or stuff from exclusive lines... Like the Tom Ford private blends. I'll second @Vadim123 and day that Tobacco Vanille is up there among the best. I also really like 18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Spirits. If you haven't seen it before, I think it's affordable and very well blended. It smells like its name. Then the last one I'll mention and it's one of my most recent purchases is Mancera's Red Tobacco. Can get it all discounters and it's got staying power.

If you wanna rank these by value, I say

Red Tobacco

1821 MM


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I'm not too fond of it when my man smells like cigarettes. However, the smell of cigars is much nicer. Sometimes it even seems to me that the smell of cigars lends seriousness to the image of a husband. Well, you know, not an imposing smell, but a light train from clothes. When I once again bought a perfume for myself, I decided to go through men's perfumery. There were the smells you presented above. And some of them are pleasant enough. I even decided to buy perfume for my husband. And he liked the scent. So I think if you like the smell of cigars, then these perfumes will suit you.

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I actually have a bottle of Pure Havane and it's my signature/favourite scent. I love it. Some might not like it because it's quite sweet, you could even say sickly sweet. The tobacco/cigar note isn't overly strong. If you think sweet fragrances are feminine and you like rugged masculine stuff then it's probably not for you. I can't remember if I bought it partially due to the cigar association, it might've played a part in it. I really want to try Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, it's very expensive. Maybe some day.

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I'm a big fan of the tobacco genre in perfumes. TF Tobacco Vanille, Tobacco Oud, Parfum De Marley Herrod, but my favorite is Slumberhouse Baque.  It has a boozy smell.  Think of dried fruits soaked in rum.  As for the tobacco, its not cigar tobacco but a sweeter pipe tobacco smell.

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The greatest tobacco fragrance ever will always be Creed’s Original Tabarome, sadly long discontinued. Should’ve bought some while it was still around - unopened bottles are worth a fortune now. 

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