WINNER & RESULT ANNOUNCED!! 50/50 FOH's Weekly Poll Comp: #5

50/50 Poll #5  

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  1. 1. Someone gives you the chance to upgrade your entire suite of devices (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop), for FREE, to very latest top-shelf kit available. The caveat: you must stick to one platform/brand. Which one do you go for?

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11 minutes ago, Fuzz said:

An interesting result, considering the statistics on global Android/PC vs iPhone/Mac usage. The majority of the world is still Android and PC dominated. Windows OS is slowly losing ground. iOS is also losing ground as other OS are coming on to the market.







This iPhone usage is interesting. I always hear the Android sales / Revenue numbers and am confused b/c everyone has an iPhone but it appears the US market is an anomaly. 

I wonder how that compares to a 2003 chart w/ blackberry 

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Among my friends and relatives in Malaysia, not a single one has an Apple product. They all use Samsung mobiles/tablets, Huawei mobiles and PC laptops. Now head on down to Singapore, and it is a different story. A mix of Android and Apple, with Crackberry thrown in the mix too.

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8 hours ago, MoeFOH said:

This poll surprised me! I thought Apple would be in the minority, perhaps by some margin. Instead, a 65-55 result in Apple's favour! Great to read all the pros & cons as to why... Overall, a very interesting 50/50... :yes:

To the random winner of an El Pres sampler... that goes to @SokaKiel !!

Congrats! :party: (Please PM your details to @First Lady so Lise can dispatch your prize)

Thanks to all who participated! Stay tuned for the next 50/50, posting today. :thumbsup:

What what? Thanks soooo much FoH!🎉 How is this even possible?

You might want to check your program that draws “random” winners! This is the second time that I win at this competition in four weeks!

Believe me, I’ll have a hard time to explain to my wife how I could “win” at this again😂

The last price just arrived a few days ago, but I’m on a business trip so will only be able to post them when I’m back home in a few weeks!

Cheers, Leif

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Congrats @SokaKiel



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Thanks for the congrats ladies and gents.

But as this forum is about sharing the love for cigars I’ve decided to give somebody else the chance to enjoy these cigars (and I’ve honestly got enough smokes for years😂).

Lisa has informed Steve and they’ll soon draw another winner. So fingers crossed for all of you!

My wife had a look into the package from the April draw yesterday, big thanks to @El Presidente and team for the Upmann Mag54 and what I think was a Cohiba Medio Siglo!

Cheers, Leif

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