Howdy Hi From Chicago

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Well, actually the very far suburbs of Chicago.

Recently started getting back into cigars after about a 15 year hiatus, but almost exclusively NCs.  After moving from Michigan I lost my smoking buddies and the hobby sort of died for me except for an occasional CC on vacation.  Even more recently started adding CCs to the collection after I convinced the wife to bring a few back from trips to Peru and Ecuador.  Purchasing from duty free shops in the airports is not exactly the most cost effective way to go about it so after some perusing online I was directed here. 

Seems like a pretty laid back group without a lot of the dong measuring posts other sites are loaded with (or at least I haven't come across any yet).  Added bonus of being able to pickup some nice stuff via 24:24 which has already proven to be an addictive race to send emails as fast as possible which I obviously suck at.

Fun fact: The last two times I've smoked a CC I've ended up yacking my guts out and sleeping for three hours.  Need to get that nicotine tolerance built back up and stop inadvertently inhaling.

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Welcome! We just started a club for Chicagoland members, message @Buck14 if you are interested in joining. 



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