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Box for long storage

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On 7/8/2019 at 9:51 PM, Nekhyludov said:

I'm not sure there's any reliable way to gauge how the current tobacco strains will age long-term. Current strains seem to be more approachable young, but peak around 8 years. In 20 years, who knows? 

I agree. My objective would be to get a box that's simply most likely to stand up or not expire. Maybe it'll be better, maybe not. Post-2000, no one knows about these strains. But at least pick one that has a chance based on current quality and historical performance. 

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Congratulations! Great Idea, we had our little boy last year, and I thought to buy one box, ended up lucking out in that his month of birth was quite popular for box codes, so I ended up getting a bunch (all from our host here!)

My rule of thumb was to stick with blends I had experience with that were robust enough that they should stand the test of time (even with the uncertainty of these new strains being used now). I also tried to stick with Cabs as I feel they age better but couldn't always do so.  What I ended up getting was:

BBF 25 Cab
JL Sel #2 25 Cab
Partagas 898 25 Box
RA Gigantes 25 Box
RASS 50 Cab

I think all of these shall age nicely towards 18 years.  
The last thing I'll mention, as a bonus of getting multiple boxes, is that the BBFs I have decided to smoke one per year, on or around his birthday, to see how the aging process goes compared to his own fantastic grown.  The rest of the boxes will remain closed until he turns 18. 

The BBF was good at year one, but he has given me far more joy thus far.  Long may it continue, and for your child as well!


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