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This box isn’t fit to be burned in a barrel with a group of degenerate winos. 5th one I have smoked from it and this is the first one I could actually smoke just slightly plugged but flavor is old dirty tobacco and ammonia through and through. If it wasn’t for this review weekend I def would not have subjected myself to this abuse. They r so bad I can’t even give them away ! They r going to bed for as long as I can... maybe forever and I’ll just chalk it up as a you can’t win em all.


1st theirs actually burns after the v cut and I’m excited but flavor is horrible like a cigarette butt and slight ammonia only at this point


Now she starts to burst from the seams letting the ammonia flavor fully engage



Now I’m

Just all out ammonia and harsh heat as she is totally canoeing and coming apart


Just can’t take it anymore have to let it die

At this point i would rate 1 pt just b/c it lit but overall this box has been really bad. I hear lots of good things about the punch punch but it’s hard for me to believe.

Here’s my last one from this box


Always better than work no matter what but this box is just a plain lepper !!




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I’ve never seen such a train wreck. FOH Purple Heart for going into last third! I hope you had some good Haze and a follow up stick to clean your pallete. Wow 😮 I got nothing...

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This is surely one sad read! Pictures show just how tripe it was and that which to having this ordinary ordeal you have been subjected to.

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