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Dear FOH locker Holders.

 Some unfortunate news.  Government Legislation which came into effect on the 1st of  July this year will see the end of the locker system for international members. This was flagged May 2018 and we have done our best to curtail it but it didn't prove possible  

The lockers will close  permanently on the 1st of December 2020.  We  will require you to move your stock progressively either home or via FOHauctions. Progressively means proportionally over the next 16 months, however if you haven’t been a purchasing client for 18 months, we will be shipping them quicker. Abandoned Lockers (owners who have made no contact for a number of years and cannot be located) will be sold and funds held for the legally required period of time.

 With the successful launch of FOH Auctions (, members now have an option to move aged product (3 years+)  from their lockers for sale.  For the next 90 days we are waiving the sellers fee but naturally there are only so many boxes that we can list. I would recommend getting in early as once FOH schedule lists are full, they are full. We will handle all aspects of the sale for you and are focusing (give preference to)  on boxes 5 years +. It may be a great opportunity to generate some cash on those boxes that you are no longer interested in!

For FOHAuctions sales inquiries, please email Lisa  ( Get them in quick 

 Keep the above timing in mind when you are determining your locker strategy.  We will work with you at every stage but you will need to start putting a plan in place now.

Should international members wish a quick buyback at your initial cost, we are more than happy to consider it. Just email

The most important thing is not to panic!

Remember, work with us and we will work with you. :ok:



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