Pocket Travel Case..... Por Larranaga Montecarlo?

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Because they are long and skinny I have always found finding a more traditional leather case for the vitolia difficult. For me a xikar case is the way to go for these sticks. In anything else I would worry about them rolling around and being damaged.

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Standard mass-products for long cigars will be bulky and not comfortable. I would find a master and order a handmade author’s accessory to your preference. It will be a stylish unique thing.

For design example:



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I may do just that. 

I have a friend that works leather, but as i believe with many of them, time is hard to work in for a one off.  

Let me ask you folks, what would you pay for one of these with a wood block insert, and leather cover crafted by an expert?  Perhaps a 6 pack in size...Flat design or Rectangle for 8-10...

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ROFL, this is a problem for me with PLMCs too. My normal travel case is a sunglass case I got at Daiso for ¥100, but Montecarlos are too tall.

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I got a cheapo 2 piece with fake pleather (yes, so cheap even the pleather was fake!) from an online vendor as an Xmas gift and it works swimmingly for my favorite cigar, the PLMC.  I do wish it was a little fatter in each tube such that I could fit 2 PLMC in each chamber.

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