XXXII Encuentro de clientes y amigos de Partagas - November 18-22, 2019

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After a lot of digging on the web, I think I finally found something from an official source...

This is from the Facebook page of Tiendas Caracol Especializada who puts the event together from what they say in their post.


I've put the same info in another thread : 


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Yep, that's legit!

Still up in the air on this year's.

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  • 1 month later...

I'm hearing very little in terms of the Partagas Encuentro this year.

I know it's generally a free form trip where you participate in whatever you want... But is anything formally or informally being planned for FoHers going? I know a bunch of guys are going but I'd like to at minimum plan a lunch together.

I emailed Odalys today but no reply yet. Do they even know where the venue for the welcome and gala dinners are? I haven't seen a printed flyer or any other material.

Thoughts from any other fellow travelers?


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