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I'm posting because I'm sure someone on here can provide their insight and experience with Puerto Rican cigars. I don't think I have.




NBC News: Artisanal tobacco industry shows sparks of potential in Puerto Rico.


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Neat article.  The mention of Joya de Nicaragua is interesting.  Those cigars are strong!

I hope they are able to make an all PR cigar that better than a novelty.  Even if it takes several years it will be worth it.


On another note, has anyone tried those cigars grown and made in France?

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                *Very interesting article - thank you :ok:  But that photo of that rope(?) chewing tobacco - even if I was into chewing tobacco, I would be very unwilling to bite into that wad: looks like something my dog would poop out if he was very sick :doghouse:

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I have always enjoyed Don Collins cigars when on the island. I try to bring some back home as well. I do not know if they are a true puro, with all PR leaf, but they are good cigars nonetheless. Matter of fact, one of the best cigar experiences I ever had was with a Don Collins Robusto that had about a year in my humidor. 



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Im Jose from Backyard Cigars

Puerto rican tobacco nose dived in the late 70's to early 1980's for a number of reasons. At the moment, only Don Collins Cigars is producing Puerto Rican puros. A few other cigar makers are making puerto rican cigars using Nicaraguan wrappers and a variety of binders and fillers and also using Puerto Rican filler. I have only tried Don Collins and they are decent cigars. A few of their cigars stand out and few are just decent yard gars. I believe 965 Boricua is another, but I have not seen positive reviews for their cigars. As you may have read in the attached link that was posted there is a movement to grow and produce better tobacco. A return to the glory days of the 1920's to 1950's is a long ways away but quite possible.

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