2019/20 FOHNFL Competition Registration

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I am pretty sure that this is limited to 100 members. As this is not our software, I can't magically create more spaces. :D

However:  Only sign up if you can commit to the season 

* Your worst round will be dropped from the result. This provides a brain fade or travelling buffer. 

* We play through the Playoffs. 

* Should there be a clear winner from any round, they will receive the prize of a cigar as long as they contact us before the commencement of the next round. 

*The season competition winner receives a box of cigars chosen by myself. In the case of a tie, the box will be split. 

Enjoy!  :spotlight:

Follow the instructions below. 

In order to join the group, just go to Pro Football Pick'em, and click the "Join Group" button. From there, enter the following information...

Group ID#: 22280
Password: FOH


Go Bucs!!!!



Image result for 2002 superbowl bucs

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made a note last night that it was time for you to get off the proverbial and get this up. timing is everything...

we have the top two picks sown up. we are so bad, 1 is us. and then whomsoever we trade TW to will be infected by the skins bug and they'll come 2nd last. 

i'm predicting we use them on the best kicker and snapper in the draft! 

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@Ken Gargett  I’m in D.C. on business all week and I was not thinking about weather when I scheduled this trip.  You see, I have a large Cowboys star tattoo on my leg and I have been wearing shorts all week.  The amount of jeers from random passerby’s this week has been ridiculous.  Counting the days till I’m back home in Dallas!

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I'd like to join but haven't followed the NFL since Joe Montana's time. Are the 49ers any good? 

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