Bourbon collecting methods

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I've been absent due to business travel for most of the summer and see I've missed many great topics, and many offerings on 24/24. Hopefully no more travel this year! My consolation to missing  all the 24/24s is shopping for rare bourbons.

When I travel,  I'm always in these very small, remote towns. As a bourbon collector, I've found this is really the best way to find hard to find bourbons. And small liquor stores don't hike prices 10-fold. This trip I walked into a tiny store and they had three 1.75 liter bottles of Wellers Special Reserve, each at $45.00. I bought two, and will go back tomorrow to see if they received their weekly delivery, and hopefully they'll have Weller's Antique 107 ( I'm not greedy). Since many states will not shop liquor to DC or MD, I also managed to have Weller's 12yo shipped to my hotel. 

I'm curious what methods do other bourbon lovers use to get hard to find bottles? 


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