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the most cuban like NC? días de gloria

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i see this asked all the time and i think i finally found it, now im a bit of a AJ fernandez fanboy he makes probably the only good NC cigars with a cuban name his montecristo ramon allones even upmann are all legit good cigars ..... are they as good as the cubans... no not really but they are miles ahead of the other crap lol! even his own blends are nice new world enclave bellas artes ect... but he put out a new blend that has alot of cuban hallmarks, floral dried fruit some cream bit of mild spice and some honey and nuts  very smooth and sweet, things rarely seen in NC at least all in one place

when i think nicaraguan i think padron chocolate coffee and black pepper and leather, this cigar has really none of that at least not enough to overpower the blend

the whole pitch for this cigar is its meant to taste like a old style cuban "días de gloria" (glory days) the cigar is nice i tried one ROTT, it was in cellophane inside a bag along with a boveda bag, the cigar was mellow should age well, so whenver anyone asked me in the future "whats the most cuban NC" i now have a clear cut answer

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All NCs are purportedly ready to smoke upon arriving in the USA?  Further, I don't think I've noted a date stamped box in this century and perhaps some are properly aged before shipping?  I do believe the quality of construction is much better than Cubans and perhaps part of the reason is lack of proper reward for the Cuban roller as well as scarcity of material to work with?  In the 90s, I traveled a lot as a single guy and visited many cigar stores where Cubans looked poor next to boxes of NCs.  I hope things are changing in this regard and yes, I was one of those wise guys who would buy a cigar in your store but save my real money for the airport duty free shop.  Sometimes, my former life disgusts even me.

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