Greetings From The West Coast

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Hi All,


Just wanted to stop by and say Hello!


I have been getting back into cigars lately and found this place very insightful.


Many years ago I had a boss that only smoked Cubans. He had a small room in his house that was a humidor.


 We would travel the U.S. and he always had his sticks with him.  

I smoked many with him, but never appreciated it.  I smoked cigarettes at the time.  I always smoked the cigars he gave me too fast and and got bored. 

His thing was that it wasn't about getting the nicotine fix or a quick smoke break, like smoking a cigarette. But rather taking a hour or so out of your day to relax, talk, smoke and reflect.  Back then I though he was crazy for smoking for an hour plus.

But, now as I am older I can totally understand what he was talking about.  Man I miss that guy.

Quick story: Me and the boss were in Indianapolis , and he knew of some underground cigar lounge.  We go there, he bust out his sticks.  Waitress comes up and is like :" would you like me to cut your cigars? 

He brought his own cutter.  I still don't know what cuban cigars he brought , but the person serving drinks was all "ooh" "ahh" and really checked out the cigars he brought to the lounge.  Must have been some nice sticks.  Lol that was a fun evening. 



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Welcome to FOH!

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Welcome and great story!

Only thing I can say is stick around here long enough and soon you’ll have enough cigars to fill a small room!

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