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1 hour ago, zyxwvu44 said:

I thought #2 was fantastic, leaps better than #1.

First third was some slight cedar which turned to pure cream.

Second third was sweet, honey and grass, some citrus but it was not orange. Maybe a lemony/lime

Final third was less sweet and much more earthy, ending with a bit of spice/cedar.

I nubbed it to about half a cm!


Whatever that was...I want a box!

#2 must be an incredibly inconsistent cigar.  Reviews are all over the place!  Mine was pretty terrible...

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Mine was beautiful and probably the best cigar I have smoked for sometime. Perfect burn and very tasty.

The girls sent me hearts   About cigar: two profiles - first half: grass, butter, salt, sweet and sour; - second half: wood, espresso, ash, nut, sweet and sour molasses, salt. This time there'

I seriously doubt that poor quality samples are being sent for this tasting. I doubt even more that even the most experienced smoker on this forum could go 5/5. If a very experienced smoker could go 3

I don’t know but that first cigar wasn’t anything like the H Upmann no 2’s I’ve been smoking and I smoke them very frequently.


Cigar number 2 for me was all honey and grassy hay taste. Even smelled grassy barnyard type smell.

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I consider myself a lucky one as my #2 was quite enjoyable. Hay barnyard citrus mild medium. Excellent cigar as was the first one. 

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Hmm. Wood, cream, mild body... obvious lead. Was also a little citrusy, but of the two apparent choices I had to go with one.

When this turns out to be a JL2 then I know I know nothing.

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2 hours ago, ShortFatHokie said:

Blind Tasting Cigar #2 –


Earthy, a bit of strength, DARK sweetness. 


Yep, this was mine too.

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anytime I hear 50/50 opinions, and they are opposite, I assume Cohiba.

that is the marca that seems to have the most varied opinions.

I believe this vitola was a rubostos?

sounds to me like one obvious selection....we'll see.

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Smoked in time, just adding my review;

Wrapper is textured underneath and veins pronounced, light color
Cap is kind of sloppy, and not flat (tapered)
FOOT :: Not much, slight sweetness
Pre-light draw is stronger sweetness
1 initial bitterness, hay, sweetness there on retro, very light flavor at all
Wavy burn, corrected itself. Ash white / grey.
2 No real spice, some nuttiness, ash held until now. Bitterness still very pronounced, not astringent necessarily.
3 some sweetness intertwined with the dominant bitterness. Grassy notes, citrus, still mostly bitter tho


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