Video Review - JSK Tyrannical Buc Corona

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On 10/4/2019 at 11:50 PM, El Presidente said:

That makes no sense to me, but I agree to disagree :D

What I try to do is avoid inbuilt prejudice that pervades this hobby in spades. I actively seek to challenge my preconceived ideas on cigars/tobacco and that does lead me to lighting some rubbish from time to time. However from time to time you also hit gold. 

After this corona (I smoked three of them over the two days), I sought out Riste for a one on one quick interview. I wanted to ask the questions you raised in the above post. I will play it next week. 

If I took your advice and wrote off the brand upfront , I wouldn't have come across the cigar and subsequently I wouldn't have met Riste and gained a better understanding of him, his process and  NC tobacco in general.  In summary,  I would have short changed myself. 





Do you have this video? 

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