NFL Week 7 Review

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Congratulations to @WaffleHouse who was our outright tipping winner for Week 7 with 13 correct tips! Please PM @First Lady to collect your prize. 

Here is what the table looks like through 7 rounds.

Week 7.png


Hot Takes 

1. In a league of their own

While the offense is on the bench, the Patriots have a point differential of +10 this year. Removing all of their offensive drives from every game, the Patriots would be 3-3-1 (0.500) - tied for the second wildcard spot in the AFC, and better than 15 teams in the NFL.

As ridiculous as this stat is it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The Pats have only faced 1 team over 0.500 so far this season. Surely their are tougher tests ahead. 


2. New Era

Lamar Jackson's 2,226 total yards are more total yards than 14 NFL teams.

Those teams include:

Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers

Cincinnati Bengals

Oakland Raiders

Denver Broncos

Carolina Panthers

Indianapolis Colts

Chicago Bears

Washington Redskins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buffalo Bills

Tennessee Titans

Miami Dolphins

New York Jets


3. Rebound

[PFF] Last season, Leonard Fournette had just 439 rushing yards total. This season, through 7 weeks, Fournette leads the league with 530 rushing yards after contact. 

After going through the sophomore struggle it looks like Fournette is back in a big way this season. 


4. Talent Development

In 2016 Patriots QBs Jimmy Garropolo, Jacoby Brissett, and Tom Brady combined for a record of 17-2. In 2019, they have a combined record of 17-2.

Brissett and Jimmy G both lead their divisions and are playing at a very high level. I think they'll be looking back at their work experience in 2016 fondly.


5. Game of inches

[Moore] The 1-6 Atlanta Falcons have 74% of the 2020 cap invested in their 10 most expensive players and 99% of the cap invested in 22 players. They are $18.3 million over the projected 2020 salary cap.

If they had won the superbowl this would be the necessary cost of doing business. Unfortunately, it's a black hole they will struggle to get out of. 


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the best stat i saw was actually before this week's games, so in fact the situation is even worse.

According to @pfref, Bruce Allen’s winning percentage with #Redskins is .364 (slightly lower now). 

If Bill Belichick lost the remaining 10 games this season (he has already won one of them), then went 0-16 for next 23 years, his winning percentage would be .368

So, if Bill lost his next 378 games, he would still be better than Bruce. 

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Glad things went my way this week both with the picks and with the Pats. Obviously us New Englanders have been spoiled for quite a while but watching this defense is really something special, even compared to the consistency we've seen from this organization over the past two decades. If they can keep this up they'll have put together one of the best defensive seasons of all time. Even in fantasy football, this defensive unit ranks top 10 in points among all players. They actually cost me a loss by half a point last night when I came out of Sunday leading by about 25 points. 

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