Fonseca Number 1 Unknown code (NTYRW)

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Who doesn't like marshmallow?  I'll admit I had been eager to give one of these a try.  I added this single among others when I picked up the Blind cigar lot, so no idea date code on it.  Had a nice sheen to it, seems well constructed, nice smell.  V cut, toast and here we are smoking.

I didn't get the marshmallow.  Perhaps a bit in the first third, there was some lightness to it, I wouldn't call it marshmallow flavor, but had that hint.  Of course that's what I always hear about these, so may be biased to that.  But after the first third it was pretty harsh to me, and that lightness went away.  Didn't help that it started raining so had to adjourn to the garage.

I'll try one of these again, but not so eager to grab a box unless the next one I try is much better.  Wouldn't call it bad, just not great and I'd choose many other cigars over this one.  86-87 maybe? 






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