Video Review - Cohiba Siglo I TEO FEB 18

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I love the concept of a cigar you offer guests, as a coded message, that it's time for them to leave. 

An ex of mine who was Japanese said. that they have a specific meal in Japan, that if you get offered it, it means "please leave"   If I recall correctly it was a Salmon Donburi, (i.e a bed of rice, with poached salmon on top, and filled with rich dashi miso stock).    I remember thinking,  Jesus as the end of a night on the beers, if a gracious host, offered me this, I would be so tempted to say "eerrr!? yes please"

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1 hour ago, VKUTT said:

@Ken Gargett Ken, do you actually have a copy of William Shatner's The Transformed Man ?

i have "spaced out", the best of nimoy and shatner. the majority of it is nimoy but shatner does versions of 'lucy in the sky with diamonds', 'mr tamborine man', 'it was a very good year' and more, including 'hamlet'. 

isn't that enough? 

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