Video Review - Ramon Allones Silver Jubilee Asia Pacific Exclusivo ASR JUN 19

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43 minutes ago, Ken Gargett said:

the number of stuff-ups that rob commits and you slow-mo that! 

at least you know where the pay cheque comes from. 

Does your whining ever stop? :rolleyes:

I swear to god you could win the lottery and still complain that it was 20 years too late. 


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On 11/28/2019 at 7:51 PM, Baccy said:

breastmilk?????? The only thing more funny than that line is Ken's reaction to it!

@Elpresidente Just watched this For the first time and while I have detected many flavors in my cigar, breastmilk is a first...... still laughing

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41 minutes ago, havanaclub said:

When did the RA silver J 2017 start to make this cigar again in 19?? Did they say the total box count was on hold until they got more leaf?

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My understanding is packaging was the issue and the cigars were indeed rolled. 

...but who really knows ;)

it would explain their approachability. 

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