Suggestions On any good cigar books ?

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I’ll have to add that one to the library!

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On 7/15/2020 at 1:28 AM, cigcars said:

      *They are HIGHLY informative; educational; very, VERY thorough in the coverage of the history, manufacture, popular premium brands and machine-made cigars throughout the world, from Connecticut to Central and South America; to the Canary Isles, Cameroon and the Philipines. Very, very fulfilling reading. I even wrote him once and he personally responded when I had a pipe question: he's got a book out about pipes and pipe smoking too. 

Just got the book in. Fourth edition.

It is quite good. Thanks for the suggestion.



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You guys are costing me some money—can’t resist cigar books. It’s a sickness. One time I carried around 30 pounds of books from Estanc Duaso for 10 hours through half of Barcelona.


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