What's on your 2020 cigar buy list?

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All those that I missed last year! HUSW, HdMDC, more PL Picadores.

The usual..


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All it takes is 24:24 and a moment of weakness

I will finish getting rid of basically all my RE, LE, and HTF boxes (about 75 still to go) and refocusing my collection to regular production of mostly smaller vitolas. As such, I won’t be buying much

Whats on your 2020 buy list?  For me, it will be 50 cabs of lusitanias and HDM double coronas, Sir Winstons and Cohiba Esplendidos and Monte Double Edmundos. Not planning to buy any RE/LEs next year.

6 hours ago, Chucko8 said:

Was planning on nothing for January. That has already gone out the window by 5 boxes. Lol

Hoping to get some of SLR DC's as a goal

That’s what I said at the beginning of the year too...result is 6 more boxes in the mail ? 

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I really don't "need" any more cigars. But I tend to "want" them.  :D  I've bought very little new Habanos releases since 2017.  I find a lot of them aren't doing it for me.  I'm getting a bit tired of the double banders and EL's.  RE's pique my interest more as there have been some gems in that lineup. Though, I'd prefer that these releases make their way into the general production lineup. With that said, I'm keeping an eye out on the following.

  • Trinidad La Trova (been loving these)
  • PL Picadores
  • HU Mag 50's (one of my first favourites. Running low, need more stock)
  • LGC Invictos RE Italia (got a few boxes, want more)
  • Sir Winstons
  • Monte A's
  • Punch Punch (50 cabs if possible)
  • Punch DC (see above)
  • Partagas 898
  • Cohiba Esplendidos (my white whale. Never seen a full box for sale in Havana)




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On 12/27/2019 at 7:39 PM, El Hoze said:

I am very selective at this point. I would imagine the new auction here at FOH will likely get a high percentage of my dollars in 2020 as they’ve had some great cigars come up from as trustworthy a source as you could ask for. Plus I like the auction piece, adds an element of fun to the process of buying cigars. 

Oh didn't know there were auction here. Great! Where are the informations regarding this?

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I need to find a reason not to buy cigars in 2020, but it seems there's is a lot of good 2018-19 product that needs serious consideration. RYJ among them, which seems to have emerged from the early-mid decade doldrums. 

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Any Sanchos that I can find.  Although I say that with trepidation and a long list of qualifiers.  I may, and probably will stick to BBF, BPC, LFDC regionals, Punch DC, Monte 2, 4, Edmundo, R&J belicosos, Mille fleur, Trinidad vigia 

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I'd really like to build my aging supplies with some regular favorites as well as some newcomers. 


  • Partagas Lusitania 
  • Hoyo Double Coronas
  • Punch Punch 
  • Party shorts by the 50 cab (can never have enough) 
  • Partagas 898 if I can ever get a box 
  • RASS
  • RyJ Cazadores (at least a few to stack up) 

Newcomers I want to dig into the new Trinidad offerings, especially the Esmereldas 

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