Havana Terminal 2 prices for cigars

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Agreed, at terminal 2 the availability falls under the 'if you're desperate' category. Prices are the same though I think. I had a few CUC left and bought a 3-pack of Monte Petit Edmundo there. Can't remember the date but they were nothing special and didn't taste like much. Still if you like buying cigars in Cuba, it is hard to accept the fact that you are leaving and won't be able to do it again for a while. Therein lies the airport desperation.

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The selection is less and less. In front of immigration in T2 mostly minis and puritos but now they only accept credit cards (US will not work). Once inside the Duty Free section of cigars has been reduced to just a small glass display case where they sell the rum, they only accept USD. There is also a smaller kiosk closer to X-rays that has cigarettes, minis, puritos and some petacas. They accept Cuban Pesos. John 

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