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Not exactly bought recently .... but just found today in my lockers : Trinidad Fundadores EL NOSU ( El Laguito OCT 1998 ) bought in 2006 in Switzerland. Placed inside my lowest locker and to

I don’t normally post my purchases but, aside from the Nudies bundles I ordered, the Lanceros will probably be the last cigars I receive for a while. The other two are highlights from my last few orde

Have no choice but all in during this cc famine

Just back from Havana...not one new regular production or EL on the shelves. Found a few things to grab, nices boxes of des Dieux, Boli Libs, Monsdales, Jorge Robusto Largo, Yolanda Piramides, Reynaldo Lanceros/closed foot Coronas/and an assortment of some of his new sizes....few other little grabs. Fun trip.attachicon.gifImageUploadedByTapatalk1415924685.784402.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByTapatalk1415924723.579728.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByTapatalk1415924742.313687.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByTapatalk1415924757.267031.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByTapatalk1415924775.942214.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByTapatalk1415924795.405152.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByTapatalk1415924810.269373.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByTapatalk1415924829.413637.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByTapatalk1415924862.226088.jpg

Excellent haul, very nice

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