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Not exactly bought recently .... but just found today in my lockers : Trinidad Fundadores EL NOSU ( El Laguito OCT 1998 ) bought in 2006 in Switzerland. Placed inside my lowest locker and to

MTS ENE 21 Sir Winston. REG OCT 18 Siglo V. Picked up on vacation in Athens.

Well helllooo beautiful 🤩🤩🤩

Sometimes opportunity knocks and you have to let it in....even though I said I was going to stop for a while I couldn't say no to this one....I knew I was going to regret forever if I didn't take it.....

This is a deal I have been working on for quite a while now....Finally happened!!! One box is going to my son when he gets a bit older....he is only 3 months old now wink.png. In 18 years they should be pretty good smile.png.

I may sell 1 or 2 boxes as boxes or singles if there is enough interest, to recoup some of the cost....but not yet....I still don't have them with me. I am going to have to be very patient....A couple moths away until someone visits me from Argentina...In the meantime my brother is keeping them in his humi....

I know they deserve a better picture but my mom took the pic tongue.png .....Yep, I got my whole family involved in this one. I don't know why they think I am obsessed or crazy, or both.....They don't get the investment part of this I guess....Keep telling them this is all for my boy's future biggrin.png .....

I had to opportunity to buy 3 of them few weeks ago for a fair price and had to let them pass... tantrum.gif

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I almost bought those a few years ago but the construction issues turned me off. Would have been the only bolis I'd have but hopefully yours are fine.

I've smoked out of two boxes and I've never had a construction problem. Sorry to hear you experienced that!

Sent by telepathic super powers

-Stogie Boy

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My attempt to switch to more regular production smokes. hq box of Connie A. Maybe I won't burn through my sir winston as fast now. 04bf253fe9ae1742fe9e03fc67b02e6e.jpg

Sent by telepathic super powers

-Stogie Boy

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Feels great to be home. Just some stuff from Havana. I popped my Cherry in the smuggling of goods from Habana.

Some pictures of my unpacking.



From the Partagas Dinner


All the customs Bart stated.






These will be priceless to smoke, on many levels.

I will be expecting a care package LOL.

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