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Not exactly bought recently .... but just found today in my lockers : Trinidad Fundadores EL NOSU ( El Laguito OCT 1998 ) bought in 2006 in Switzerland. Placed inside my lowest locker and to

I don’t normally post my purchases but, aside from the Nudies bundles I ordered, the Lanceros will probably be the last cigars I receive for a while. The other two are highlights from my last few orde

Well helllooo beautiful 🤩🤩🤩

13 hours ago, SaintMickey® said:

Gone for 6 days....came home to happiness. Oh the family was glad to see me too.

Monte 4 from 24/24 before the holiday if you wait free lighter! MOB Jul 15

Of course some more Bolivar RCs ETP Nov 15

Petit Monte 2 LUB Mar 15

I have been very lucky never getting boxes with health stickers...until now. emoji18.pngd8bc55adf158e95452082dd190f00320.jpgb3ee2b615aa772795553f6e2a39d1303.jpgb8b52672886e094ca2f281a02b16b723.jpg1b1cd0158837f180c84afc7670b89881.jpgcac22ac283d211ad1e448d48091eddd8.jpgfbb8aff3e185570ab0614ffe7e837fc6.jpg2d5b018bcb0403cc35762f7ee2d6f0a9.jpgabc748966c06214ddfcdd4945a367c30.jpg

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That's a  great looking haul!!

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1 hour ago, SaintMickey® said:


Have you smoke one of these yet? If not from this box from another....

Not yet man, it's taking every ounce of self control not to. They just got here and are an oct 16 box code so they need some time. I love the golden color wrappers on them as opposed to the Dark LE. Makes me think honey and cream are on the menu 

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" userid="649"] Very nice!

Wonder how many hits that website is getting now...LOL

Oh crap... I of course didn't buy from them directly - the last time I saw them in stock at any retailer was about 5 years ago. This was a private transaction.
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On 21/01/2017 at 6:10 PM, rickthecabbie said:

I have the best kid in the world. My daughter was visiting London over Christmas, and popped in to James J. Fox to pick these up for me.
Por Larranaga Sobresalientes 2014 UK Regional Edition. I can't even be bothered by one cracked foot.

Sobresalientes .jpeg

Haha, my daughter picked up Villa Zamorano from Barcelona for me. She just knows I like smoking "cigars". It's the gesture that counts, even imagining her to pop into an estanco asking for sticks while she is non-smoker... Love my little baby!

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