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Not exactly bought recently .... but just found today in my lockers : Trinidad Fundadores EL NOSU ( El Laguito OCT 1998 ) bought in 2006 in Switzerland. Placed inside my lowest locker and to

Have no choice but all in during this cc famine

I don’t normally post my purchases but, aside from the Nudies bundles I ordered, the Lanceros will probably be the last cigars I receive for a while. The other two are highlights from my last few orde

On 11/17/2019 at 2:55 AM, JohnS said:

2019 Xmas Sampler (thank you @Luca for helping me acquire this year's Sampler dear friend!) 


From left to right: -

  1. Quai d'Orsay No.50 MSA May 2019 (D No.5 - 50 rg x 110 mm)
  2. Cohiba Robusto UAO May 2019 (Robusto - 50 rg x 124 mm)
  3. Ramon Allones Silver Jubilee Asia Pacific 2017 Regional Edition ASR Jun 2019 (Montesco - 55 rg x 130 mm)
  4. Quai d'Orsay No.54 TOU May 2019 (Edmundo Grueso - 54 rg x 135 mm)
  5. Bolivar Belicosos Finos MSU May 2019 (Campanas - 52 rg x 140 mm)
  6. Bolivar Silver Jubilee Asia Pacific 2017 Regional Edition LGR Jun 2019 (Gordito con Cabeza Tumbada - 50 rg x 141 mm)
  7. Punch 8-9-8 Asia Pacific 2018 Regional Edition UBM Jun 2019 (Dalias - 43 rg x 170 mm)
  8. El Rey del Mundo Tainos Formosa (Taiwan) 2018 Regional Edition BRO Jun 2019 (Churchill - 47 rg x 178 mm)
  9. Cohiba Esplendidos UAO Jun 2019 (Churchill - 47 rg x 178 mm)
  10. Romeo y Julieta Churchill BUP May 2019 (Churchill - 47 rg x 178 mm)
  11. H.Upmann Sir Winston EOS Jun 2019 (Churchill - 47 rg x 178 mm)
  12. Trinidad Fundadores ARS Jun 2019  (Laguito Especial - 40 rg x 192 mm)

Which are you most excited to smoke?

How much rest do you suggest for the bunch>?

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20 hours ago, petachiu said:

A week worth of 24:24 ?


It’s like I keep telling my wife; I’ll make more money, but them nice Cuban ladies might stop rolling cigars! ?

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3 hours ago, juri said:

id guess the Ramon Allones Silver Jubilee and Romeo y Julieta Churchill need the least down time  and the El Rey del Mundo Tainos needing the most

bolivar doesn't benefit as much from long periods of rest so those should be ready to go next, QdO and cohiba being the opposite and the rest falling into the middle 

Thanks as well, Im looking forward to the esplendido and punch

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1 hour ago, Human Jukebox said:

Mail call from our host... Holiday Sampler and Dip No 2. PSP LGR AGO 19




I'm always impatient and dry boxed one of those Dip 2s same code for a few days.  It was fantastic.  Add another to the list for me of 2019 cigars smoking so well I wonder how much aging will improve them.  Congrats.

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