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Not exactly bought recently .... but just found today in my lockers : Trinidad Fundadores EL NOSU ( El Laguito OCT 1998 ) bought in 2006 in Switzerland. Placed inside my lowest locker and to

I haven't posted in here for quite some time and thought that it would be nice to share some vintage cigars that just came in. I like to collect and smoke as many different vitolas de salida as possib

I don’t normally post my purchases but, aside from the Nudies bundles I ordered, the Lanceros will probably be the last cigars I receive for a while. The other two are highlights from my last few orde

7 hours ago, JohnS said:

Yes they do look awesome. Can you ask where they are purchased on the open forum? The answer is unequivocally no...

Rule 5 No Discussion Of Sources And Prices

There are thousands of online suppliers of cigars around the world. Some good, some average some thieves. This board does not discuss any. This country has some of the most stringent defamation laws in the world and I am liable for any lawsuits that come from threads such as "**** sent me fakes".

You may however pm the request.

Furthermore, something else that can't be done, especially here in the Cuban Cigar Purchase thread, is state the shipping history or current tracking of your acquisition...

Rule 4 No Discussion Of Shipping

Shipping is not discussed on the forum. It is a core rule and has been so since inception and always understood by members.

Posts regarding shipping, regardless of who it is about, will be deleted immediately. Mods will enforce.

Contact your supplier directly to answer any questions or issues regarding shipping.

@cgoodrich, I could have stated these things in a personal message to you but this post is intended for the many instances (in this thread) of the contravention of these rules, especially Rule 4 of late. So please, don't feel affronted by this reminder personally as this is not our intention. Rather, this post serves as a reminder and guide for all.

@JohnS My apologies for the transgression, and no affront taken at all. I appreciate your pointing this out to me, and it shows I need to learn the forum rules better, and learn how to pm.

Thank you John.

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1 minute ago, RDB said:

My first box of Dip 2s: RAT JUL 20. I’ll be very interested to compare with my RAT JUN 20 Monte no.2s. Turns out my four youngest boxes are now all pyramides from 2020: P2s, M2s

Be interested to hear what you think.  There are many things that I whole heartedly agree with on this forum.  But Dip 2's being halfway between a P2 & and M2 is most definitely not one of them.    To me Diplomaticos, especially 3's and 4's are unique.  Flavours of lavender, furniture polish, beeswax etc etc. Yes there are touches of paprika (especially more recently with the 2),  but I think the P2 M2 description, sells the D2 massively short.  

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1 minute ago, RDB said:

Lavender I’d never thought of before, but will now look for.

To clarify, and as a UK member you might have some reference point to this.   'Pledge' spray-on furniture polish is a lavender and beeswax mix.   If you've ever smelt that,  I'm almost certain you'll pick up on it.   Either which way,  it's a great blend..... enjoy

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23 hours ago, VKUTT said:


We all have our preferred wrapper shades, of course. I usually see RGs in more dark chocolate shades. But the best RGPCs I've ever had were a box with light wraps like these. EXCITED! 



I have same box code and mine have similar colored wrappers. I have had since May and just so happens I tried first one last night. Showed promise but for my taste im laying down for another year! 

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On 2/1/2021 at 8:49 PM, ChangBang said:

HUHC's that just got in today!  Haven't tried them before so obviously I need to get 2 boxes right? 

Cuban Crack baby.  These little guys pack a punch but give them a little rest and you'll be rewarded.  Easy to shred through a box of these in no time, so good call on picking up 2.  

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