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My name is Chad and I am a CPA living and working in the Harrisburg, PA area. I have been smoking and collecting NCs for about 5 years. I’ve utilized forums, similar to this one, to learn everything I know and get great recommendations on what to purchase and try over this time frame. In general, I’ve come to learn that I’ve preferred Medium and Medium-Full Nicaraguan cigars with a little spice, with woodsy flavors. “Sweet and spicy” is a description I’m always looking for as well. I’ve always taken the approach of buying samplers for the most part, and singles, after research and reading through forums. 

On my way home from a recent trip to Cigars International in Hamburg, PA, I was thinking about how I’d really like the opportunity to try Cuban cigars. I’ve always had interest but never knew where to start the process. Between my google and reddit search's, I came across FoH and knew I found the perfect place to start!


I've read through all of the applicable pinned posts and beginner/new member items and have already learned a lot. I hope to learn about the “must try” cigars, along with the great recommendations all of you have outside of them. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve always taken the sampler approach and curious about those opportunities. Also, cigars I can purchase, yet try in the near future vs the aging opportunities once I find some that I prefer. 

Thanks in advance for any help and recommendations I receive through everyone!

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Welcome. You’ve definitely found a good place to learn about Cubans. A lot of passionate and knowledgeable people here. Definitely keep searching the forum and reading posts. My only advice is try to have patience, with both buying and storage. Cigars are a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the ride. Again, welcome to FOH.

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