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I have put on over 10 kilos since last year's Fat Bastid. Last year, I started out at 103kg and eventually got down to 83kg! If I do the same again this year I'll get down to 73kg... and be dead. 😐

Seriously, I think 90kg is my sweet spot. So I'll be happy to lose 3-5kg this year. A nice buffer zone. 🥞🍔🍺:spotlight:

So, all ye glorious FAT BASTIDS, who's in again this year? You can register now and you have until the morning of Tuesday the 18th Feb (Brisbane time) to post up your initial weigh-in picture. 

It will run like this. 

2 Month FAT BASTID Challenge. Final Weigh in 16th - 18th of April.


1. Register on this thread.

Registration entails taking a photo of your feet on some scales. In the photo we need to see your starting weight.

*No Dangly bits to be shown in the photo
*Digital scales are preferred (save us some work)
*Set your scales to Metric if you can. if you can't, no problem.


Example. Make sure the readout is clearly seen. 

2. You have until the morning of TUESDAY the 18th of FEBRUARY (Brisbane time) to post your initial weigh in photo. You can start posting now. 

3. Give us an update (no photo required) at the halfway mark - March 16th - 18th.

Lisa @First Lady will post a progressive spreadsheet of those who post. Miss the weigh-in and you are out! :D

4. Final Weigh-In is on the 16th to 18th of April,  take another photo of your feet on the scales with your finishing weight (Note: FAT BASTARD CSI team will match closing feet to opening feet looking.gif)

*Largest weight loss as a % of starting weight wins a box of cigars to be chosen by El Pres.

* On the official 2020 FOH Fat Bastard Recipes thread (don't use this one, it gets messy), share your best Fat Bastard Recipes (from 18th of Feb) and go into the draw for another box of cigars chosen by El Pres. The winner of this side comp will be based on number of "LIKES" (Likes are the heart icon - other reaction icons don't count) posted to your recipe. 

It is all about having a little bit of fun and starting the year on a healthy-ish note, with some cigars to provide a little motivation :thumbsup:

Get those initial weigh-in photos in!  :D




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Ermmm... I’m 62.6kgs and need to lose 5-8 kilos apparently but my black glass scales show quite a detailed up skirt reflection so I don’t think anyone wants to cop the full view. 

ok I fixed it...



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Alright I’m in.  Tried this a month ago with the wife, she’s down 14 14lbs and I failed miserably.  I’m ready now, I thinkD0C67553-F9AA-4892-A823-5D1E1B9459E5.thumb.jpeg.09594773725472320e56612c19a432ae.jpeg

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Well, I used to have a bit of a foot fetish... not anymore! 😳

Good luck everyone!

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Alright I’m in it’s getting uncomfortable and this is the perfect excuse. I have done it before. I have a secret weapon which I’ll post in the recipe ...I can loose but I can’t keep off is more my issue  112.2 kg  holy Jesus 


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