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6 hours ago, DSegal said:

Nice set of notes. Agree with the food comment--am always surprised when I read comments that the food in Cuba is uninteresting or just bad. I don't know what those people are eating, or where. 

I either have terrible food or fantastic food. Doesn't seem to be much middle ground. Same goes for service. At least this has been my experience

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11 hours ago, AlexanderOgden said:

Hi guys, me and my wife where in cuba 5 months ago for the first time and did a ton of research prior to our visit. We wanted to make sure everything went smoothly since we don't like to stress while on vacation. To ensure your visit to Cuba goes as smooth as ours did, here are some simple steps to take for preparation:

  • Book Things Early
  • Exchange US Dollars to Euros
  • Purchase Traveler's Insurance
  • Learn Some Spanish Phrases
  • Print Out All Your Materials (cause wifi is poor there)
  • Arrive Early At the Airport to Obtain Your Visa
  • Purchase Water Bottles at the Airport (Bottled water is a little hard to find there)

Buying euros used to be a thing.  Dollars are king now.  1:1 ratio or better

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