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Popular Posts smoke those cigars you've kept your hands off of for months or years. Too special. Considering the current state of affairs I am a bit concerned if something drastic happens I may never get

Funny you mention this topic. A couple of months ago I decided I was done buying LE and RE so I started smoking through them every day and have not touched any regular production in a couple of months

Finally broke down and cracked my last box of the Grandes de España, this box from 2005. Glad I did, they're really good!

20 hours ago, maverickdrinker said:

How was the M23?

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Well constructed. Smoked nicely throughout. A bit one dimensional without a lot of evolution for a cigar of this length though the flavors were spot on.

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7 hours ago, maverickdrinker said:

2004 Ramon Allones 89838bf96806f7a48ba5cd563dcac4bc6e6.jpg

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I thought these were discontinued in 2002? 

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I burned through a fair few unicorns in the early days of this situation.

Not on a respirator yet so saving a few for the next life shaking event.

Sure I'll still light up one from the specials drawer time to time. Looking at you '80s Monte B!

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11 minutes ago, miamipadronsmoker said:

GKI 03 Partagás Serie du Connaisseur No.3 



Another amazing smoke!


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On 6/13/2020 at 9:06 AM, Habana Mike said:


Is Cohiba Novedesos good LCDH? Never saw that LCDH on 24:24.

나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄

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