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This is like the pretentious daily smoke ....totally superfluous thread ....just post in the daily smoke lol.....but awesome smokes y’all!

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Popular Posts smoke those cigars you've kept your hands off of for months or years. Too special. Considering the current state of affairs I am a bit concerned if something drastic happens I may never get

Funny you mention this topic. A couple of months ago I decided I was done buying LE and RE so I started smoking through them every day and have not touched any regular production in a couple of months

Finally broke down and cracked my last box of the Grandes de España, this box from 2005. Glad I did, they're really good!

On 4/4/2021 at 5:11 AM, Chibearsv said:


I have no will power - I try to get some mileage under mine but I can't.  I've got to find some way to make a hard and fast rule to only smoke them on certain occasions, just to start getting some age on a few.  I think I'll smoke one tonight while I contemplate this idea. 😁

Once I'm half way through a box I hold off to smoke until the box month.

Hmmmm, that's an ABR code and it's April. Time to fire one up!

Not always but it helps.

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