Custom Rolled Taboada Salomon 2004 Not what I expected

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It was 2004 when a friend told me about Taboada rolling cigars at LCDH in Tijuana. I went and talked to the man himself, asked him if we would roll some Salomones II, the owner of the shop said it would be $50 dlls per Cigar (expensive for a Custom Rolled) but I figured what the hell, I bought 5 Cigars. Since then I put them away, I smoked the first one the same year, I remember very unforgettable. So now 16 years later, while bored out of my mind, I started to clean out my Humidor and found the remaining 4 Custom Rolled that I had put in some Cuaba Diademas Box. 

So I light one up last night, what can I say just a complete disappointment when it came to the taste, the cigar itself had a good draw, went out only 3 times, but the taste was harsh, the end was the equivalent of a 2 dlls Thompson Cigar. Bad Headache, even woke up with a Cigar Hangover. 

I have 3 theories, first that Custom Rolled Cigars don't age well after 10 years, Second that the Tabaco used wat either not Authentic Cuban, maybe  from Veracruz Mexico, and lastly that they send these Rollers like Taboada or La China to LCDH around the world and used less than inferior Cuban Tobacco, and they charge stupid people like me $50 dlls per stick. 

I keep my cigars at 62-65% RH. So I doubt this was the case. Wanted to share this with you, since I know a lot of people on this board love their Custom Rolled Cubans, so don't want to rain on anyone's parade. 


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That's a bummer. The last Toboada I had was probably around 06 and I can't remember how it was but my opinion on customs is not high in general. After 15+ years of smoking them both from multiple LCDHs, worldwide vendors and in Cuba from vaunted rollers I have concluded that the tobacco allocated for customs is simply not top tier. The one exception may be Monsdales but I've heard iffy things about them over the last 10 years. 

I heard someone say recently that customs are a good change of pace but that's about it. I'm fine with that but since regular production is clearly a step above and I just have a hard time putting my money for an inferior product when for the same price I can get 80% of regular production.

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I love a good Custom. At least in Cuba they are inexpensive!

The better house rollers in Havana (and their managers) have relationships with the tabacuba supply. They tend to get what they want as best as Taba C can deliver. It is flexible with good phases and not so good phases. 

On the road however it is a different story.  The rollers don't carry the tobacco generally. It is sent ahead of time, clearing customs, often radiated by over enthusiastic bio security personnel and in general kept in less than ideal conditions. Don't blame them. 

If it is a 3 month stay, moving around, the tobacco has to be made to last. That also doesn't lead to the best outcomes. 

I personally don't find that the majority age that well. I  assumed that was just me. 


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I remember a while ago Mitchell Orchant mentioned he never smoked Custom Rolled outside of La Habana. And I had no idea about Customs and yes how they could care less and leave the Tabaco for months untreated. 

I remember Taboada looking tired, he was in his last years. When the owner of LCDH in TJ I think his name was David, said it's $50 dlls per Cigar, I first thought he was crazy, but in that time you could not get normal production Salomones, and for some reason I thought Taboada would get a cut of this. Just felt bad for this Older Roller that was a Legend. 

I am posting a picture of the the 3 remaining Taboada Custom Salomones II. The Bands got like this because the Cigars originally were very Oily, not the case now as you can see. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-30 at 9.45.49 AM.jpeg

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