A little Photoshop fun for a much belated April Fools.

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Every April 1'st I try to do have a little April Fools fun with cigars. Usually a photo I grab from the internet with some malarkey behind it. :)  This year I put a bit of effort into it. But I was way behind schedule. What started out before April 1st, only came to fruition yesterday. I just got too busy and distracted with work. I'm one of those lucky few that work remotely for most of the week anyways, so full time work from home was not a big deal. 

Yesterday, on my Facebook profile. I posted this picture with a write up about having received a mysterious Monte 520 sized, La Escepcion cigar called the "Luciano".  Perhaps named after Pavarotti. 


I had a few bites here and there but not a lot of comments. I think many held back, perhaps not wanting to call me out on it. At least, not at that time.

Today, I posted some "behind the scenes" photos.  I don't want to make this linger on too long.

The Band.


A screenshot of the 3D mesh, Photoshop file from where the original photo came from.  I basically, wrapped the band graphic over a cylinder.  Played around with it to match the orientation of the cigar in the photo, then cleaned it up a bit, applied a few effects, including a reflection of the band on the metal ashtray. 


And for posterity.  A Higher Res shot of the finished product. (FYI, the actual cigar was a Monte 520 house roll)


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