Show Off Those Ashtrays

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17 hours ago, Destro said:

I'm very clever and have devised a really expensive way of protecting my lap and catching ash :lol:

I feel bad for whoever gets my work computer next.  I keep it clean of ash but I know there is a lingering smoke smell to the keys/screen now haha.  

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17 minutes ago, Cayman17 said:

I’ve stolen a lot of matches from bars but I’ve never copped a porcelain ashtray! 

?? I saw this ashtray on a guy’s trip to Vegas, I said that’s really nice, so my buddy bought it on his business trip and sent it to me for my birthday along with a couple padron 1964 ! 

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1 hour ago, Sir Diggamus said:


A good friend of mine took up woodworking in the last couple of years and his first attempt at an ashtray were gifts for his brother and myself. It is my favorite ashtray.

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That’s cool. 

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2 hours ago, flinthills said:

When did you acquire this? Any idea if they still make/sell these?

It’s been a couple years, but I assume they still sell them. You can buy the blank ashtrays fairly easily, so pretty much anybody can have them engraved. Actually I’m surprised more places aren’t selling their versions.

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