Govee for Remote RH/Temp Monitoring

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Has anyone else tried Govee sensors? I picked up one (Bluetooth version) at Amazon because I needed a new hygrometer and ended up ordering another because they were only $18 a pop. I am really enjoying it so far.


I have it sitting alongside a sensor I have been using for years in my humi and they seem to agree so far. They have a WiFi version as well, but being able to check in while at home via Bluetooth is good enough for me. Below are shots of the app used for monitoring.






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Good timing on this post. I'll be putting Govee LED RGB strips in the cabinet I’m converting and came across these as well. I was hoping somebody around here was using them and could provide some feedback on their experience. Glad to hear you like it. 

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I had the WiFi 2 two packs in my cigar wineador. But it kept losing signal from the sensors. Despite being less that 10 feet away from the gateway. All gave me issues but a couple seemed to be alway offline. When they worked it was great. Offsite monitoring and graphs. But all to often I had issues. Spent the money and got the sensor push. So far only using Bluetooth. But working good. No need really for the WiFi at this point. 

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