Zoom Video Review - Partagas Serie D No.6 - UTL ABR 19

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hahahaa share those SLR DCs Ken! Chop them in half next time. How were the Partagas 4 4.5 4 :P

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in these tuff times you need to make do with what you have...... quick tip you can make a D6 out of a luci, just smoke the tip you cut off 2 cigars for the price of one! ?

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one of my favorite smokes, and great for those rare (for me) commutes by car. definitely a 45min smoke.

i've had a few duds, but most have been good to great. doesn't need aging, but then, i've never had an old one.

thanks for the review, i mostly agree with rob.


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Whatever people enjoy of course but personally I can smoke a Bolivar petit corona in 45 mins if I want to and it's cheaper and IMO a much better blend which ages really well. @Ken Gargett your whinging in these videos can sometimes get a bit annoying (sometimes it's hilarious) but I have to agree with you on these tiny choad cigars. I've tried and have smoked many, hoping to find something worthwhile but in the end I just don't see the point. They aren't even a faster or even cheaper smoke in the end, so that idea doesn't really hold up. All that happens is they burn hot a lot sooner than if you just got a good petit corona or something (again, which are cheaper, so even if you did end up having to finish it early because you're in a rush it doesn't matter).

I did used to enjoy the occasional Hoyo petit robusto, which is half an inch longer than these things believe it or not, but more often than not I've been finding them thoroughly disappointing of late - bitter and some poor construction. All of these large gauge short 3-4 inch cigars I find get very hot quite quickly, so you're in fact paying more money for the same, or less potentially, smoking time as many great PCs and minutos only slightly less quality of flavours and for it to get hot and harsh much sooner.

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