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Is anybody here familiar with rolling their own blends? If so I would like to hear about your recipes and their flavor profiles. I wish it I could go to the store and simply roll a leaf up to smoke and get its flavor profile that way but unfortunately we can only buy by the quarter pounds. I have tried two blends so far, one pretty good, the other quite lackluster. Do you have any good blends that you enjoy?

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I have rolled my own, and done two different blends.  The one I like the most is a robusto cigar using the following blend:

Filler, 1 leaf Nicaraguan Ligero Jalapa Filler, 1 leaf Nicaraguan Viso Jalapa Filler, 1.5 leaves Nicaraguan Seco Jalapa Filler.  

Binder, 1 leaf of Honduran Binder, cut in half and overlapped.  

Wrapper, half leaf of Ecuadorian Shade Viso Wrapper.  

I did make a few with a half leaf (about) of St James Perique in the filler, but I have not yet tried them yet.  I also did the same blend with a Nico wrapper and feel it became to strong.  

I have an order coming and will be using Cameroon and Dominican binders instead with the same filler and wrapper.  I plan on staggering the binders to change the blend as it burns.  I also now have a corona gigantas mold too.  

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