Learning from Failure.....a HSA perspective.

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The very fact that the cigars released represented nothing in the lineup of the respective Marcas was the indicator to me that these should be avoided.  How can you release an aged version of a cigar

Another thread full of people who never bought the Anejados, but are sure they're terrible and will tell us all what is wrong with them, and why the rest of us are fools for buying (some of) them.

Thank you to Rob and the FOH crew for the great prize pack. Montecristo double Edmundo, RGPC and 2 unbanded cigars. I am guessing these are nudies?   Thanks again everyone. Will smoke these wi

On 6/13/2020 at 9:09 AM, nino said:

All well here, hope the same for you !

Sure, you can ask but not even Tabacuba will give you answers at the warehouses about where the tobacco bales come from, mostly a specific or general area but never a single Vega.

The concept already exists - it is called Farm rolled cigars, one farm, one roller, even simpler ?

Stay well !

And Hector is cellar aging tobacco for his farm rolls now too!

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