New (Green) Leaf on FOH

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Hi all, 

New to this forum since well, a couple of minutes (thanks to Steve), so still very green and hoping to age a bit here, just like the Tobacco leafs that turn a more darker color once they have been harvested and on their way to become a fine Cigar :)

I am 37 years of age, Brussels based (that's in Belgium 😉) and i do enjoy a fine cigar now and then. For those i visit my local authorised Habanos store once in a while to enjoy Cuban cigars, but also from other regions like Nicaragua or the Dominican Rep. they have stored in their humi's  (mostly Cubans, but i'm not sure if talking about those others can also take place here, since i don't know al the corners of this forum just yet)

I'm also a gamer, and active on some gaming forums, mostly playing Fifa games. So not a total Forum noob, but every Forum is different of course. Since beginning of this year i am trying to preserve my Cigars from the store in my own Humidor, hoping all goes well... 

I also hope learning more from smoking Cigars, in all shapes or forms, and all it's ins and outs, not that i started smoking them just last week, but one can always learn new things i guess

I just wondered where most of you you guys are from, since i believe this is an Australian based forum? Myself i am a Dutch speaker, any of those around here?

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Welcome to our forum @GETHEZ! Most of our members are from North America (USA and Canada) and yes, we have dutch-speaking members. Hang around, you will learn some things about Cuban cigars quite quickly, in my opinion!

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Welcome to the FOH! I'm Korean FOH member buddy!

나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄

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