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Hello everyone,

I've been lurking some of the forum for the past couple months and decided to finally join in myself. My first cigar experience was from an acquaintance who visited Cuba and brought me a couple CCs as a gift. A couple years later I decided I would actually get into cigar smoking, but found my foray into NCs lacking. The flavors were not what I had expected given my first few experiences and I found myself feeling a little ill by the end of each stick, and so I decided to look back into CCs. I am sure my choice of NCs was a big part of the problem, however I also find the mythical status CCs have received to be alluring and thus enhance my subjective experience of smoking them.

I'm 23 and live in Florida. With my relatively newfound interest in cigars and proximity, I have recently considered going to visit Cuba firsthand, sometime after we're past this covid issue, lol. Some of my other hobbies and interests are cooking, hiking/camping, history, and strategy games. I look forward to learning more about the minutia of cigars and getting to know you all.

I think I am ready to begin ordering from 24:24 for the first time, good luck to everyone also trying to beat the frenzy!

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Your username makes me think perhaps I should secure my humidors... IT professional perhaps? Welcome! I just joined this week.

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