Your favourite pieces of Cigar Art?

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Do you have some favourite pieces of cigar art?

Maybe you collect a few be they prints, paintings, posters, figurines et al. Maybe you have come across them in your travels be that in person or online. 

Share them up with other members as you come across them  :thumbsup:


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Love my Montessa. In the foyer at work.   

My favourite cigar-related themed art is below. My wife graciously put my cigar bands together into a display for our bar a few years ago...  

I',m pleased with how these came out.

5 hours ago, Ryan said:

Lastly, there's Milton Bernal

I had the pleasure of touring his Studio in January and bought some prints.  He was a gracious host and offered us cigars, rum and coffee.  Just messaged him on Facebook asking if he still had one that I loved but was short on cash due to my CAD.   He still has it and is reserving it for when Havana opens back up.   I agree completely, his work is amazing up close. ??

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