Montecristo Double Edmundo BRE ABR 19 (MRW2)

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Having thoroughly enjoyed both the Edmundo and Petit Edmundo it's time to break out the Double...Longer obviously, but curiously of a smaller rg than it's siblings.

Oaty smell on cold draw which is

firm but perfectly usable. Feels a little tight below the band but will leave it for now.

1st 3rd - Slightly bitter. Quite subdued, not a lot of anything distinctive TBH, but it opens up after half an inch and settles nicely. Biscuit, hay, hint of cocoa. Cooking spice of some sort - cinnamon/nutmeg giving a slight tingle. It's surprisingly not very Monte but it's nice enough. Then a change - a bit of sugary chocolate sweetness, smoke output increased, draw excellent now. Solid medium in strength

2nd 3rd - First ash fall. The cocoa's really coming through now. Biscuit dusted with chocolate powder. Turning smoother and decidedly creamy.

3rd 3rd - Burn still straight as you like throughout to the end. Spice turns to black pepper as I finish what turned out to be a rather good cigar, but one that needed another few months I'd say. I'll return to the box in the New Year and report back, should we all make it to then.

Total smoking time 1½ hrs.

Score 7/10 with high expectations for the next one. 30c4133154a1ff4479db29a7598a6922.jpg15d5c23d97b15f7757dc687cda456564.jpg52c880c97c9d48d55ea4daa47f3b057b.jpg


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