H. Upmann Robustos Anejados - AML MAY 07 (HURWR)

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Rested for a year and four months at 65rh/67F

Dryboxed for about two weeks at 58rh/67F.

Estimated average ambient smoked outside with 22rh/97F

Band is slightly loose, telling me this cigar is dried out enough, perfect! Beautiful looking cigar with noticeable box press. Wrapper like tissue paper, feels a little separate from the binder/filler, like a wrapped gift in a box feels, however, the wrapper is mechanically strong and stays together for the duration.

Straight cut with common double blade guillotine.

Lit gently with bottom half of soft butane single flame - held to one side, while gently rotating and puffing, to allowing any soot to be carried off above the cigar into the yellowest orange top of the flame that extending past the foot. Initial charring half light to blacken the entire foot, let cigar rest to cool a few moments, then repeat flame a second and third time for full ignition.

Straight away, fantastic start, delicious toasted tobbaco. Remembering cream, mocha, baking spices, nutmeg, hint of yeast with bread, cinnamon, delicate then progressively becoming richer. Good construction, mostly even burn. Only the first third needing a mild correction pressing the wrapper into the cigar in one spot, and a single flame torch touch up.

I’ve enjoyed a number of these and really like them. I can see beverage pairing covering up what this cigar offers. Black pour over coffee working excellently here to provide a canvas for the cigar to shine.

I’ve had a few of these before today, and look forward to each and every one. My experience - they start out light. Then seamlessly and imperceptibly become richer and stronger, approaching medium full at the very end where some pungency then appears, finishing with leather and pepper in and out - all the while retaining that mild core sweetness toasted bready tobacco and hints of baking spice. There is complexity and variation that keeps a meditated interest. 

Perfect beginning on Saturday.

I think these are beautiful, I’d love to have a large supply of these. They could easily be my only robusto.

Nicotine strength here is spot on at the finish. Well done! I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy today. Had not planned to review, it was an afterthought when the last third was reached, remembering H upmann review weekend.

It’s a rare occasion for me to find nubbing enjoyable, and when I do, the cigar is standout great. This was a nubber

Looking forward to reading others experiences, hoping all have equal, or greater, experiences themselves, this fine long weekend.

My individual experience does reflect 97/100 here. If I had a second cigar dryboxed and ready to smoke it would be gone before sunset, no reason for further delay.



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Nice review. We’ve enjoyed our ‘11 box. I have an untapped box of 07, too. 

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