H. Upmann Magnum 54 - Unknown (HURWR)

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Another single I picked up at the Habana Libre LCDH last year. I saw the post about the H. Upmann comp as I was packing to go camping, rafting and light off roading this weekend. I was brining some cigars and decided to pack the Mag 54 too. I precut it to test the draw and it was a little tight. I opted to use the perfect draw tool to open it up to my liking and packed it in my travel humidor. Unfortunately the weekend was very busy and I didn't have much time to sit around and smoke. I ended up lighting the Mag 54 on day two while off roading, but was unable to really focus on the cigar. I managed to snap a picture of the cigar before hitting a bunch of switchbacks, but after that point, the cigar was a blur. The burn was a little wonky and probably had to do with the fact that it was hanging out in my left hand out the window for the most part, the dirt, the dust and the 100+ degree weather. I don't recall the cigar being harsh taste-wise, but also wasn't focused on the cigar enough to really tell. I didn't not enjoy the cigar, but I also didn't enjoy the cigar if you get what I mean. It was entirely my fault as I forced myself to smoke a cigar to review to get in on the comp even though I didn't have the time. On my 0/1 scale, I would call it a no contest, or a 0 with an *.


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