The FOH Cuba Virtual Tour 2020

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This one from the Xanadu Mansion in Varadero Overlooking Pinar Del Rio Walking thru Old Town One of the barns in Pinar Del Rio. This place had great BBQ chi

A few things that I miss ... The unbelievable natural beauty of PdR .... and Cayo Junita Lounging in the courtyard of our casa, smoking a Lusi The fantastic jazz

One of the best things I’ve done is a tour of Habana Humidors (thanks Nino). Original Bacardi building as a humidor Commissioned by Arnold Uber cigar delivery vehicle Almost bought one of t

My go to spot is Havana with friends but I have done a Havana/Varadero split trip a few times with my wife. The first time I wasn’t really looking forward to the Varadero part but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Not sure I’d ever do just Varadero and I do prefer to spend my time in Havana but the split trip is a good option with my wife. Nice to do all the things I like to do in Havana and the head to the beach for a few days to wind down and relax.



Going into town the first time was fun.




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Lots of great memories in Havana. I’ll end my look back with food, drinks and friends. That and the cigars that brought us together is what it’s all about. 







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Oh.  My.  Gawd.

Such awesomeness there.  

I'm amazed to see all the good times over the years.  Rob has lost hair and got skinnier.  Hamlet has got fatter.  I've stayed fat, by my beard is NOWHERE near that dark anymore (too much grey coming in now).

Geesus, the picture with Rob C, Stan, Glen, Fuzz (and Nate too?)...I really REALLY miss partying with some of those boys!!!!  I remember Glen and Stan just CURSING at me, since they didn't want to let this "stoopid ka-NOOK" out-drink and out-party them (until 5, 6, 8am), LOL.

Some wonderful times.  It's well missed.

Until the next time we all get there again.

GREAT pictures, everyone!


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