Partagas P2 - TPO AGO 18 (PWR)

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20200912_135844.jpg.38b874de0962a62cb5811cef2936b2bf.jpg2nd cigar out of a 10 CT box picked up last November in Havana

Cold Draw is perfect

Aroma pre light:  leather, honey, a touch of floral
1st third:
Creamy on the Retro hale, maybe a bit of caramel. well below medium.  Cream continues to build.  Absolutely no edge to be found.  Floral notes and an odd sweetness in and out
2nd third :
Partagas spice begins to show, the sweetness is beginning to fade. Starting to approach medium. Burn is a bit uneven, but self correcting for the most part.
Final third:
Ash finally broke after 3inches.  May have just touched the medium mark, still no edges to it at all.  Creamy spice is still in the fore front, but beginning to fade back into the sweetness and floral notes that were present earlier
I continued to smoke until I had about an Inch left and it began to get hot.  The floral sweetness was just starting to return and I hated putting it down.
Overall, I'd give it a 92.  It was medium bodied to me, and it had to work to get there.  I'll admit, I was a bit caught off guard by the floral sweetness in the first third, something I love. That's an anomoly for me when it comes to Partagas. 
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