The Longest Break

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Good to have your enjoyment back!

A lot of times i think of cigars as i think of religion. It isn't the thing that is good, or bad. Its just a tool that brings out the best (or in some cases the wrost) of what is inside you. 

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2 hours ago, LordAnubis said:

Its just a tool that brings out the best (or in some cases the wrost) of what is inside you. 

To LordAnubis point, my longest break happened between life transitions. I started at 18 through my mid 20s, and it was something social to do - both with peers and older men at the B&M. It was a fun hobby, but didn’t provide me enough value to keep doing it. I was more in love with the idea of it. 

I started up again in my early 30s, and at that point for me, I was deep enough into career and family to actually have something to relax from. I smoked from a whole other place mentally, more solitary, as a way of washing off a day or week. The cigars and pipe tobacco didn’t change, by my place in life did. 

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My longest break is about 5 days. Any more than that and I really have to carve out some time. It's my solace. My church. 

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Maybe 15 years. Began smoking cigars in college with several friends. Great social times, sitting outside of the dorm figuring out the world. Then graduation and life got in the way. Missed the whole experience, but didn't have the time or the network to smoke much. Collected a few NC's; smoked very rarely. When my mother-in-law was no longer able to use her football tickets, they got passed to me. Was offered a cigar while tailgating and fell back in love with the leaf. Vacation trip to Barcelona reminded me of just how special Cubans were. 

I think that my wife and my budget wish we didn't tailgate!

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18 hours ago, UpInSmoak said:

This baby went to bed at 7pm usually which meant I had a long evening, well, to do nothing.  Hence, I became an avid cigar smoker, and collector at the time as I had quickly been bit by the CC bug.

I haven't had any serious breaks, still getting into this hobby. This is the stage I am in. Baby goes to sleep, can't leave the house, have to get up too early to drink during the week so a cigar it is. 

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My break story...
Bought a 50 count humidor the day after I turned 18, kept it half full and smoked the occasional here and there but somehow lost interest somewhere when I was 20. I still maintained the humidor somewhat never felt the urge to smoke. I turned 21 and went to cabos, Mexico with my dad, and a relative of mine had a membership to a private club. They sold cigars and I remember smoking some sort of partagas coronas at the club. It absolutely blew me away. Then I bought some cc at the airport on my way back home to sweden. Came back and started smoking more on a weekly basis and when I turned 22 I could smoke 3-4 a week instead of 10-20 that I smoked when I was 18-20 years old. Since then, I still smoke away. This year is a record number of cigars smoked, 96. Too much cigars isn’t really enjoyable for me so I think I’ll probably stop at 110 or something.
I still have little breaks here and there but they never last more then 2 months. And the breaks is because of the cold weather here in Sweden.

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