H. Upmann Mag 54 ABO ABR 19 (WTR)

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Not as experienced with this marca, and this is only the second I’ve had from this young box. 

The draw is like an open highway, I like an easy draw but I can tell right away this might be an issue. 


The 54 starts off really well, with rich tobacco notes, damp wood and sweetness come in on the first draws. 
This develops into a deeper sweetness of molasses, with a slight sour citrus rind coming through. Wood notes becoming drier and more cedar-y.


Right around halfway, the flavor shifted to a dry, tangy /sour /wood. At the onset it was pleasant but it slowly developed into bitterness into the first third. I let it go out when this overwhelmed the palate, maybe 15 minutes short of nubbing it. 
overall: 84, really great start and good flavor transitions, tobacco has great flavor, but if the draw was tighter I think it would have smoked better. Also some years on it would help. 
Very interested in the dip, which I’ll try tomorrow, as the last half of this cigar I would say had a “dry” taste, just a mild sourness that wasn’t unpleasant. Kind of like a tannic wine dries out the mouth. 


Wet Edit

My second stick from this box has a slight chip in the foot and a small ding further up the wrapper, I’m hoping this doesn’t foul things up. My hesitation led me to do a quick dunk in a glass of water rather than under the tap. 

First few puffs, I’m getting a lot of earthy/leafy funk, certainly more than the dry stick. Still has the rich tobacco flavor, slight hint of spice. 

This second example is much better filled than the first, the draw being right in my sweet spot of “slight resistance without strain”


At the start of the first third, some bitter notes are starting early. I’ll take some of the blame for that for smoking a young stick a little too fast. Sourdough toast starting to come in. 
Unfortunately after a relight at the last third, the bitterness has overwhelmed my palate. All I’m getting is bitter earth flavor. DFB3BC3F-7FF2-4F88-9417-99C64B46EF06.jpeg.44592fcc24846813e16b6acb1128380e.jpeg

Im fine with that, this has been another great cigar with just some reminders at it develops that I should let them keep resting. 
This second one I would rate a bit lower, around 82; I’m not getting those fun citrus rind notes and this stick was rather one dimensional with its constant deep earth flavor. 
Thanks Rob for another fun experiment!

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Looking forward to your follow up review. A Mag 54 with about 3 years on it is one of my favorites right now.

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